the ever after

the ever after


i just wanna lov you. 3 x lost boyz became face books forgotten man , you , gotta man ,man. you don't understand, I'm manish and mash like steve nash back to back cash for r Kelly pissing and whining ass . this the blow back and the bozak. the creative lane I chose that. this the stacey on white trash madd dash for the cash . same ass jacked and jilled the bounce back is real .757 reel to real. deal on holifield , slip major spill Michael rapport appeal .money funny be the raps be real . pinky out when I Danish .world famous getting money like Amos out the same old new gonews for ya . my hat fields and my head expands snap back bands snap back bands grinding handstands . the real McCoy 's you hear that sound. just me and boys . lost boys became fake hooks. and nash bridges. like gods property, do you hear me ? they try to steal it. my heart can feel it , I fell down on two knees , pray for god to claim his property. this nations greatest conquest created by the forgotten man's message. open wide to get this with all of its bliss. former white line alliances, climate change ,since obie , O B. QB bama came beef koby now the deniers beat the game clock . the lies and flies off the lion . kings middle son , middle fingers both tities between like. both coast .bicoastal. by vocals by words of lord BEE double ee. extra earths extra turfs , the hash from the youngTurks. by ron ain't done come and get son I'm the sugar wrapper, gave dan some dapper. candy bar the chapter. this is the ever after I'm the last rapper I'm the last chapter. Clapper back packer.machine gun stun gun on the twos like the ones ..mic is made just for me.


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Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Dope 🔥

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