how Devileyes push his music no love 4 haters no tym 4 gimmicks super fresh i fly dont roll with relics i dont joke with my ryms bt i rym with my jokes in this game im the boss pple r loving my flows i will go to hell wen the hell froze dont ask me how cuz Devil noes dnt find the cause just like my cars i kinda rym with folks i mke this easy it ryms with stokes yr chick love my rym n she love my blockes ama gud with the fcts n u r a bad lier ama smooth operater u r a barb wire i got too mch money im a gold buyer God bless devileyes thts my demn pryer in raping game......im big plyer


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tnx niggas

5 years ago

dope song I like it

5 years ago

DOPE TRACK 👌 check out my new #RUNDAT

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