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2 months ago

Lately I been proud of myself. ‘Cause u know I’m always playin’ no matter how the cards are dealt. Pat myself up on the back ‘cause I ain’t ever need no help. I ain’t askin’ for no favors, rather do it my damn self. Learn ya closest ones are haters, end up tellin’ on themselves. When they finally see I made it, I’m gon’ tell ‘em go to hell. I’m a real one, never fake, I’ll put my trophy on the shelf. I can tell we ain’t the same u can’t stand livin with yo self. #StoveProud #LyricalDepth #DeeperMeaning #RRR #ProLevel #Top5 #HoF #GOAT #SYCHOTIX @rapfame_official @rapfame_ar_team


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16 hours ago

Bro tap in cu everyone ass

2 days ago

On the Low 🤫

2 days ago

Legend! 👑

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