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#BlackHistory2024 This song is about Araminta Ross aka Minty Moses. also known as Harriet Tubman, without her relentless push for equality many of us would not know the freedoms which we have today. I hope I did her justice, I know my Native ancestors understand the pain of these times I do not, I do however sympathize and humbly acknowledge the sacrifices made to ensure the freedom of humanity. ___ Knowledge/lyrics -------------------- I wanna Start by thanking harrit aka minty Moses Without her perseverance, many slaves would be hopeless The notion of being born to slavery Is something I can't fathom But is weighing on me lately Greatly The pain in all the same the Whiteman did us dirty but could never take our pride away Born March 10 19 13 Tubman slipped the wome as beautiful could be This plan would take some time And pain would strike her through Many years would pass her before she flew the coop While growing as a woman she prepared herself for combat 1849 she escaped to take it all back her brothers Ben and Harry couldn't leave so they went back Listen to the story the conductor took it off track OK let's get into the thick of it Many stories been told But I'm betting you ain't heard of this Dec 1851 she lead 11 fugitives to freedom from the run They took the underground went north on foot to frank Douglas where they rest plans cooked Little did you know freedom fighting in the battle All the while freeing slave's in the union she would handle Cooking as a nurse and spying better then any man you could name Safe houses they would span the distance from the last kept hidden from the man This woman mad best calculated with a plan Field hollers kept the journey simple understand these little freedom songs never known to any man Of color in the white but the husband's knew the jams So they sung them in the night to light the path to where they stand Minty armed herself as a scout and a spy For the guidance of the raid of combahee river And to this very day I could wonder did she ever get a medal 700 free govy answer me that riddle April 18 58 no psalms tuban had a vision of meeting john Brown In a flash it was true they met up by the falls In a dream she saw a serpant raise its head up on the rocks With a beard then at once more faces grew on top The men lay by the shore saw the snake appear a mock Behold it was the face of the man whom she just talked It was a sign of the time this is where she need to stop knowledge of the past in the past kept her strong Lashings that she got she carried like a song A 2 pound weight hit her when she's young Broke her skull and left her sleeping but still she standing tall From the Shakes call em shanties To Philly then the war This little waring mama really seen it all Helped poor farmer families when slavery took a fall 13 round trips to Maryland for the cause Dec 18 got a warning bout her neice her brother heard thw news and fell up on his knees Caught a carriage to the bid and set his family free These are moments left in time Now wispers the breeze I implore you to remember how tubman was a G And how she left her mark on more then history Standing for the truth is who I wanna be black history blood strong a standing free _____ So Thank you, Mrs. Ross. @Rapfame_Official @Rapfame_Ar_Team @Rapfame #RapfameBLACKHISTORY2024 #CTTZ #ThyLowThanksYou #BlackHistory24 #BlackHistory2024 #LoveForTubMan #ThyLowThanksTubMan


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