Do The Most Contest Winner
5,000 Plays

ft. @DEXIDOUS #MOSTMXDX 😈 #HEAVYHITTAZ 🥊 #WEATHERMAN ☔️ #MANDIEXIDOUS ⭐️ @rapfame_official Oh na na Whole lotta Full auto clips don’t bother me Oh na na Your honor We’re not sorry Honest Cause we do (DEXIDOUS) Cause we do the most, Sippin Tijuana like we livin on the coast, New fit drippin gotta put it on a coaster Out the city I been livin litty like a toaster Had to end up fingerprinted (BOTH) Cause we do the most (MANDIEX) Red dress rappin I been feelin like doja Big shit, might end up in movies like Glover Spittin but a bitch got range like rover Never sober, Cause you know we do the most (DEXIDOUS) Cherries and berries I left em in the back mirror, Sugar on the dash make me go a lil fast here, 10 toes, We don’t need to talk if you act weird Snakes in your grass cause rappers turnin to rats there, Independent I keep it under my name, I know a lot of you bitches been wishin you did the same, the only benji’s you got from rap is on the fame, Im bout to hop on a plane, You probably late for your pap-smear Big shit, I’ve been kinda feelin like the sas (Sasquatch) here, Thick figure in my bed, only make her sassier, Ass like a platinum plaque with the stats Got it phat like the checks from my tracks, rappin last year, Henny on the boat energy, And when We do the most, Everybody put us on they subbas upward on the coast Under weather, weatherman I keep a Brella (umbrella) in my coat, But the trigger on it only for the rain when it smoke (BRIDGE) Oh na na Whole lotta Full auto clips don’t bother me Oh na na Your honor We’re not sorry Honest Cause we do (MANDIEX) You been talkin too much you needa shut up, (Bitch) I done got me a choppa I make it duh duh (Ooo) I got a feelin you bitches don’t wanna run up, You talkin all that shit but when you see me you just mutta With a butta ass face, body lookin like a gutta Ain’t act right, imma need a talkin with ya motha Not ya fatha he a pussy when I pull up he a runna maybe not your fatha Maury said he caught him undercover Not a spitta But a bitch got melodies, Uh huh, Walkin with a limp, like a felonies on me I don’t really like what you tellin me, sellin me, Snap on em and dip - like it’s celery Uh huh Who dat? Who dat? Baddest on the app, Do the most, it’s back to back, I don’t need to cap, Check the totals, Snap the stats, I can read it back Been a goat From pack to pack Yall been in the back Uh huh Who the fuck want it? Got it by the truck load Beef, chicken, steak, better duck when the trunk go *POP* Ballin, I been in my bucket like a dunk, Hoes tryna get the 1 up on me but I’m number 1 though, Do better, Pocket watchin while you need to get some new cheddar, All these light weights in the league like they grew feathers, Bouta have em fly out the trees like a flu (flew) catcher, Later you can catch me in the newsletter


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Yeh Fa ShO. Great Job Dexidous! 🫵🏾🔥

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