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A Tale Of 2 Rapperz

A Tale Of 2 Rapperz
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15 Apr 2023

Rapfameeeeeeeeeeeee I’m backkkkkkk 😈 “WELCOME TO THE RAW SHOW IM CALLING IT FEATURE 8” ✅ Excuse the hiatus Philadelphia almost ate the kid alive. But I bounced up like round balls on my Blueprint shit 💎 A Tale Of 2 Rapperz is the concept I’ve been dwelling on a lot since I first downloaded this app. This song follows my thought process and hunger while struggling to show the world my music ; the fears of actually letting the world in on my creativity and fearing judgement from the world due to my anxiety (Verse 2) It also follows me since I’ve shown the world my music and the confidence I’ve accrued since being given such praise from some of my favorite artists on here and some love from some legendary names on the Fame’ it illustrates some of the cocky penmanship engraved into my pen since being given love from the Rap Fame officials and being thrown a couple features for my work and the diabolic formula you will gain from the mixture of both worlds (Verse 1) in the end ‘A Tale Of 2 Rappers’ finds you at the realization that both rappers live inside every artist and both are required to balance you out in this lifetime. Never let go of either because you need to keep both alive in order to become the ultimate form of yourself. Thank you to #GMC for always being down with me and giving me the confidence I need to be the best version of myself. Much love to my right hand man @thylowzeen thank you for giving me the platform 🙏 One love, Raw #ATaleOf2RapperzEP #GMC #GOATMINDCRAFT #Rap #HipHop #Raw #SCIENCE #NAS #BOGER #BOOMBAP @rapfame_ar_team @rapfame_official


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7 months ago

Man u make me wanna quit rapping one of the best raps on the earth you have any tips cause I've only got 10k

Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Dope 🔥

Bars: Perfect 💯 Delivery: Perfect 💯 Impression: Perfect 💯

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