Yolo 🅱️rim 🩸🩸

“Taliban” (solo contest entry)🧼🤧

Yolo 🅱️rim 🩸🩸
“Taliban”  (solo contest entry)🧼🤧
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12 Mar 2023

This rap verse is a display of raw, unapologetic, and brutally honest lyrics that speak to the hustle and survival mode of the urban culture. With intense and bold gangsta vibes, the verse showcases the artist's hardcore and street style in a spellbinding and impressive way. The lyrics are explicit, reflecting the harsh realities of life and the artist's no-fakes-allowed mentality. With an unwavering confidence and fearless swagger, the artist takes on tough talk and real talk that is sure to leave an impact. #Hardcore #Gangsta #TrapMusic #StreetStyle #RapVerse #ToughTalk #RealTalk #MafiaVibes #NoGames #Intense #Bold #Unapologetic #Raw #BrutallyHonest #HustleLife #SurvivalMode #UrbanCulture #Spellbinding #Impressive #Gritty #ExplicitLyrics #Swagger #Confident #Fearless #NoFakesAllowed I done broke my whole wrist in the pot, uh huh I just gave her a Perc for her top, uh I just rocked me a nigga to sleep, uh huh I just put me a opp on a tee Fuck you tryin' me for, got a better off chance with Jesus Fuck you tryin' me for, and you know I can wake up demons Fuck you know me from? Fuck you know me from? Half of these niggas gon' fuck up the package They going so broke just to fuck on a bitch Going so hard, I was down on my dick, tryna stay in my lane, and I still took a hit I don’t got time for no rookie mistakes, so I’m playing it smart, gotta think like a nerd Walked out of child support court with a smile on my face, now the bm be trollin' my page Mama she did what she could, had to deal with oppression And still worked a minimum wage My dog put a con in the air, just for thinkin' he tough And he do not know Nicholas Cage I used to walk on the yard with a lock and sock And a bro on my side with a blade Kept me a blade in the shower, cause niggas is funny And no, I ain't playin' no games Talk on the net but I know you won’t stand on it How the hell you gon' turn to a fan on me? He the type that'll go put the man on you Throw rocks and be hidin' his hand Tryna trick me right off of the streets But I see through the plot and I think he the feds He be talkin' right outta his head And I think that he slow and I feel he need meds @rapfame_official @rapfamelive @rapfame_ar_team


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