Lorenzo Garcia
Lorenzo Garcia

No More Lacking (2023)

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live your life i really don't need anymore heart breaks and surprise's just want to be the only guy why did our love go for so long and all good to dry out of nowhere crash and die isnt it because your love for me wasnt real to be began with gave you the world while you destroy mines and my mind was it my fault i wanted to be kind or was it because i put you first all the time thought you were the one for me to hold me down all the way all i really wanted is to be found in a world of hate


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8 months ago

TOO HOT 🚒 Bars: Can improve 👏 Delivery: Can improve 👏 Impression: Can improve 👏

8 months ago

Keep grinding ✊ Bars: Good 💛 Delivery: Good 💛 Impression: Good 💛

keeo grinding Bars: Nice 🌟 Delivery: On point 🎯 Impression: On point 🎯

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