#WhatWouldUDo79 #WWUD79

#WhatWouldUDo79 #WWUD79


#WhatWouldUDo79 #WWUD79 @ImmortalsFamilyInc. Starring @TyrellGibson & @BrockDamien Appreciate all true listens and honest feedback. To @RapFame_Official & The Rap Fame Team/Family; Appreciate the platform. Production and Cover Art By Ty'Wu 🎨 I would have the Blues.... If I didn't have Music' & Then You'd be Screwed' If I didn't have Music' Without the Blend' Of Instruments' 2 Mend our Souls,' Then my Friends' The Sentiment' Is Fuck U Trolls' Soon 2 Weep Inside' When I Defeat U Guys' As I Reach in the Sky' 4 my Piece of that Pie' But that Peace was Fried' When all the Beats had Died' So' on u Creeps I Ride' With the Heat as my Guide' Craving a Note & Riff' 2 Provoke me 2 Spit' As I Smoke my Spliff' Feeling the Hope Adrift' _____ Cause I'd be Lost & Down' Without Music Around' Until Choosing a Town' 4 Imfusing with Sounds' Of the Ghutta' my Brothers' Sisters & Mothers' Giving Others' the Shudders' & Making them Stutter' As we Cruise' 2 Groove' On our Ones & Two's' Asking U' without Music' What would U Do' Well, I would Collapse' & Vomit' Becoming Catatonic' From a Lack' Of Sonnets' Numbing the Pain' Like Chronic' & As a Boss' On the Move' I'm saying 2 all of U' Without Music 2 Floss' I'll be Lost & Confused'


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Yo yall murdered this bih! Definitely worth the feature real talk. Nothing but heat

4 days ago

Dopeness as usual that beat is crazy 👉🏾💯🔥🔥

13 days ago

Bars: Perfect 💯 Delivery: Perfect 💯 Impression: Perfect 💯

16 days ago

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