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D.T.D/One Star

Time Runs Out

Time Runs Out

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03 Jan 2023

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah,Yeah Yeah Yeah YeahYeahYeahYeahYeah My time is fucking running out And is close to finishing, Gonna die there is no doubt, All I do is mimicking! I'm mimicking that I'm alive, The problem is that I am not, Death is going to arrive, You know it really hurts a lot! It hurts that I didn't succed, I didn't even fucking try, And now the only hope is weed, So I can get fucking high, High where the heaven is, Where I'm not allowed to be, I'm running from the devil, Cause he is fucking calling me! I ran but I swear, My feet are burning as hell, And now nobody's anywhere, All I can do is yell! I'm now walking cause I can't I can't take it anymore, The only thing that I want, Is to just to fucking die at all!


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