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25 Dec 2022

I trap flip sacks getting it back I'm in my town like greyhound I'm serving pound after pound if you a sucka don't come around I'll leave you in the lost and found evidence never found closed case I'm in the basement l stay lit choppas get delivered like gifts I stay with gifts pistol grip pumps glocks wit switches on the back of them but I always here what did you do him be up all night like a night light I'm the quit type I keep an extra long pipe for the night life your gonna die cuz your not my type I Live the crime life bullets hitting all targets Walmart also everything cost throw so don't be front row at my gun show.keep my eyes open an on the opp plenty of chops an pumps stashs in the bush just incase we get ambushed but ain't gonna happen I'm always ready for action attack live you with no reaction my mack gives me my satisfaction


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Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Dope 🔥

1 year ago

Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Dope 🔥

Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Dope 🔥

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