Silver Bells

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#silverbellsmx “Mommy will I get Christmas this year?” “Is Santa Claus coming” “You don’t see what I see” “You don’t hear what I hear” “You don’t wanna be me” Says the little girl who gets nothing every year Have you ever thought about All of the kids that have to go without? Asking their friends why they got everything they asked for with tears in their eyes ….. City sidewalk Busy sidewalk All of the people passing by No one turns their direction They invisible It’s just another silent night You hear Silver Bells ring It’s for salvation Another child wakes up to nothin All she wanted was Santa to find somewhere her and her mama could be warm for a night Yeah silver bells Hear them ring Drop another dolla in the bucket when it could a been a hundred everybody doesn’t think nah About the struggle some of the people have they do everything they can but they stuck in the sand Mr. Sandman give me a dream of no one living on the street Mr. Sandman especially kids who don’t ask for anything


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