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30 Oct 2022

n***** this is me n***** this is me n***** this is me all day this is me and I ain't changing for nobody changing for nobody i ain't changing for nobody changing for nobody n**** this is me n**** this is me all day this is me and I ain't changing for nobody and I ain't changing for nobody f*** y'all n***** this is me I'm not sure what you see this the lifestyle you only see on TV network channels bet MTV old school music the covers that be on on CDs to some its a fantasy to me its a reality money drugs and loveee from girls exploring their sexuality I feel my mortality is turning immortality trying to stay out of jail from catching a fatality success is in my blood it's part of my vitality being rich is just part of who I am and my nationality mama said I was a king the world said I was a servant so all of this success to them I really don't deserve it I was put on this Earth cuz God gave me a purpose you was put on this Earth because your mom forgot to slurp it pops pull out game was weak he didn't do that shttt on purpose how can a perfect moment / create something so imperfect/ swerve it observe it and serve/ to anybody that want to get something for a good dam price I'm a hustler by nature/ I've been selling s*** all/ my/ life/ sell water to the ocean and a hoodie to a Snowman have him believing it's not really hot outside it's really cold man/ cuz snowman think it's hot when it's really cold man get it/ I can finally look in the mirror and say that n***** did it/ worked his ass off and now his bank account got six digits working on seven before make it heaven leave five for my child another two for the Reverend if I make it to eight before I hit the Pearly Gates get my child baptized and pay for my great grannnys wake (Fast) because when a angel sleeps another angels awake/ every time a angel dies another Angel was born every time a devil dies the world is left damage to scorned/ trying to teach my sin son right/ like three lefts death comes in threes to there only like 2 left before you throw a punch always lead with your left couple jabs and upper cuts right hook to the tummy guts/ train him for the world/ cuz the world is nuts/ that boy there's a fighter have him hot like a lighter/ teach him how to rap get his bars a little tighter / teach him how to aim I'm raising a little sniper / teach him the game/ never worship the fame you only get 15 seconds before they done screaming your name always be brave always try to save in public try to behave / remember/ a black man is judged from his birth to his early grave I love you son I'm out it's the rookie


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4 months ago

BOMB! 🧨 Bars: Perfect 💯 Delivery: Perfect 💯 Impression: Perfect 💯

Bussin 💥

Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Dope 🔥

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