$$Army Rising$$

$$Army Rising$$


I gotta army rising I gotta army rising I gotta army rising I gotta army rising And they ain't coming to play no games I gotta army rising And they stacking up that change I gotta army rising And I ain't giving out no names My lips is sealed I threw the key it's time for change my people dieing constantly I can't get my mind right and when I think about crying I just think about the light this lil light of mine the whole world gonna see cause I'm riding for the Lord and his kingdom I shall see these rappers throwing slugs at each others throats instead of coming together what you fighting for fighting for inequity fighting for our peace fighting for our freedom is something we really need this generation here their guided by the wrong crew and hopefully my young don't die following what they do these little babies killing each other and don't even have a clue thou shall not kill you needa teach them something new when you reach one teach one


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#JesusIsKing 😤💪🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥 too dope sis.!!

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6 months ago

Very dope Ma!

8 months ago

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