my bo

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02 Oct 2022


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2 years ago

Yo @tyresemoulton.7752274! Waddup. Thanks for sharing your song 'my bo'! 💥 Here's some words of advice on the next one: 1. Try trimming your audio clips in the Studio to remove unwanted sounds! 2. Try recording when you're feeling yourself! The feel good vibes will come out in your raps! 3. Using headphones can drastically improve the quality of your track, try using them next time to give your track that extra boost! 🎧 4. Try mixing up different light studio effects on your vocals to give your track the perfect sound every time. 🎤 5. Defo try out our denoise feature to minimize any background noise on your track! 🤫 6. There's a $1,000 prize pool in our weekly contests 🏆 Think you got what it takes? Try creating a track based on this week's theme! Keep up the hard work, we can't wait to hear your next fire track! 💪 All the best, The Rap Fame Team 😎

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