#TwinTowerz79 #TT79

#TwinTowerz79 #TT79


#TwinTowerz79 #TT79 Peace and Blessings Blessings to my Immortals Family and our Supporters. As well as the Rap Fame Team/Family for the platform. I N I appreciate u. 💯 This is another track with my Twin Bredren @AdrellNegusBey & I @TyrellGibson. We appreciate True listens and honest feedback. Production & Cover Art By Ty'Wu 🙏 💯 This is your final Hour' To Win Power' Before Sinn Showers' From the Twin Towerz' Men are Cowards' Empowered' By Trends of the Hour' True Standouts' Plan Routes' In the Rearview' of Handouts' With Brain Stems' Hemmed with Flowers' Peers' need Beware' Them Twin Towerz' _________________ These are the final Days' Of Idle Play' As my verbal Cannon Sprays' Mayday Mayday' The Stray, zombies Prey' On minds in Decay' I Slay' The Wicked' That parrots Mimic' Selling dreams' of Triple Beams' In a Scheme' Taught' To Halt' Supreme Thought' Resting in Blessings' From Lessons' That Got Me' Building Copies' Of Underground Properties' Damn Aki' You sound Cocky' I'm going in god' Don't Stop Me' I'm brolic, to Bozo' Closet Homos' Going Slowmo' for Promo' I'm Head Coach' Getting head in Coach' Provoked to Poke' My lady's Throat' Hear the Sounds of Shottas' With Unwound Chakras' As Phantom of the Opera, Masked' to do this Proper' Who's gonna Stop Her' As creator of the Globe' _________________ The black Hole' Exist within her soul' creative properties' father of socrates' brother of set' before greek philosophy' InI built wit boulders' they broke the boulders down' along wit the history told us' scold us, control us' the devil is a lie' god is alive' I'm the soul controller.... ______________________________ We Blast Suckers' In the Ghutta' As the Smash Brothers' Earning Cash like Truckers' With a Craft like No Other' _____ & The Power' 2 Kill Cowards' As we Build 4 Hours' Showing Captains' Who are Lacking' In keeping it Crackin' That this is what Happens' When Purpose.. Meets Passion' So, Beware How' Thru our Fears... We are Here Now' To Steer Pals' Away from Peers' That Engineer Fouls' As Dear Owls' Who are Shottas at the Root' Quick 2 Holler & Hoot' If u Bother our Loot' Draining the Game' As we Bang' & stimulate your Brain' Bringing Shame' To u Lames' That Imitate 4 Fame' Causing Sinn 2 Devour' All Men In Power' As we Plan with Flowers' To Stand as Twin Towerz


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damn u dope asf can we do a collaboration pls fam

29 days ago


1 month ago

Fire track and rhymes 🔥🔥

2 months ago

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