hit the opps (FT, L1)

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28 Sep 2022

L1 🔴 - ok nice damm it feels good to be in the moon looking at these goons chatting on my name looking like a fool R1 🔴 - Yo these goons talking smack they way there hating us gonna get them smacked yo i’m so tired looking at these fools chatting shit next thing you know T came my 15 inch🔪 L1 🔴 - bro these beers are gonna chase me but there gonna race me so uh huh so yeah that’s why im not saying like ok nice one rocco hit lit R1 🔴 - D1 got put Put in a pack caught T1 got caught in town got these man lacking next thing you know they said there always packing 🅾️ L1 🔴 - yo nice on rocco day of the year we have been doing this is what we are nice ey hit it nice one


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1 year ago

Savage 🔪

1 year ago

Legend! 👑

2 years ago


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