take it there (raw version)


soon as you tell me you want it then imma take you there catch you paying attention must mean you really care I got that knowledge and wisdom you know I like to share whoever told you that lie and tld you this life was fair need to be dealt with So many out there be trying to cap The street life is like a college so I majored in rap you'd be surprised how many homies out here got my back and if this flow was a thesis I scored As for this track look i be trying to tell em but they dont wanna listen thats when they send me on a verbal mission lyrically twistin and dissin these bitches i got that golden ticket leaving them smitten and trying to stop me from getting riches while they just bullshittin niggas don't even try they want that dirty Doe thats easy come then easy go me I'm better with sleazy flows that chicago keeping you suckas on yo toes this that milky treatment to separate you novice from pros the situation presents itself in a feeble fashion when i get to smashin you laughin while im stashin and cashin whip out that fourty funky deuce enemies gettin loose comence to rockin and knockin nigahs verbal abuse bishop bitch who got the juice i made it on my own im livin while put my hands together and pray for the unforgiven my nigahs locked up in prisons im driven to see the vision why these nigahs think they Betty crocker In the fuckin kitchen oh God there's something I'm missing somebody help me now dirty shed productions on a mission we breaking them down


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1 year ago

smooth beat good lyrics on time every time 🙏

smooth pimp joint salute

Ayeeeeeee!!!! Dubb majored in Rap!!!!

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