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16 Aug 2022

Knocked Off,Befo U Kno Yo It Youll Be Knocked Off Knocked Off,Ill Get Ya Knocked Off x2 All I Gotta Do Is Point A Finger Kall Me Gucci,Ill Make Dem Close Ya Eyes Like Ya Asian No Sushi/Put Dat Moneybagg On Ya Head Have Ya Screaming Yo,When Dey Pull Dat Pole Out No Where To Run Or Go/Mannnnn Imma Beast,Stacking Up Dat Bread No Yeast/If You A Threat Yup I Gotta Getcha,Slice Ya Azz Up Like Papa Johns Pizza/And You Already Know Im Going Bakk In/Like I Fukkin Left Some I Kant Lose I Must Win/I Gotta Get Da Money I Must Get Da Green,No Sleep Allday Kuz Im Rollin Off Da Bean/Dat Means Up,So If You Want Pressure Dat Means Its Stuck/Hole In Ya Chest Like A Hockey Puck,Knucking Befo Crime Mob Alwayz Been Buck/And Im Alwayz Gonna Keep It A Buck,Im So Loyal Sometimes I Wish I Could Trade It In For A Buck/Kuz Its Gone Get Me In A Body Bag,Dez Niggaz Aint Real Dey Going Out Sad


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