Netmad- Never Back

Netmad- Never Back


#netnb, #netbn, #heavyweightraw. Enjoy, i love my fans. God bless you all. Prod by rockyshootingstar. @moderator_en please check this @rapfamebest. Lyrics: I had to fake, i was trippin. They say netmad, shawty is flippin. I wasnt really the smart guy but i was overthinkin. Ocd made me killin. They say life is easy, everything you see, you smash up. Hate all i wanna fuck my class up. No one say its easy, when you go through of these feelings. I got sack of cocaine, police wanna be dealin. But these bitches they up on heaven, they standin on lines, yeah. When you see rapper like me, dont expect i stop grindin. Love is in fiji, haters keepin diss me. Now they comparate me to disne-y-y. They pleasin m-e-e. Who is bleedin on me. Gotta twenty racks on m-e-e. So if me and you get high its w-e-e. Sippin coffee, make song bout w-e-ed. I got no healings on me. I had feelings on me. She has been killin them. Hit thirty on face. Then dirty fem. I member i was on ten. But i cannot be on fifteen. If i wasnt on sixteen. I make music and listen. I love your body but i cannot love any bitch,yeah. Go on party get lit,yeah. They kick on door, if you not fit,yeah. But member tonight we gettin lit,yeah. Like i was never back,yeah. Like i was never back, yeah, like i was never back,yeah. Dont talk like that,uh. She got six, they say she fat,yeah. If you my g then you my slatt,uh. I cannot shoot weak people, ooh i mean rats,yeah. I cannot go n i cannot blow, i dont know why you took my choises. Are you thinkin bout me when you hear noises. I make lyrics, i dont care bout voices. Cause i have been so low, i was in bottom of ocean. Money can change life, money can fade love. Money give fake love. But fuck everything i wanna be who iam. I dont let money change me. Cause i know, my fam take away our range,yeah. She is my all, she my angel. When im gone they say oh netty was friendly. Money, chain, dope car, hoe wanna bentley. Five minutes ago you just met me. And in snapchat, you flexin. Saw you was cheatin on me, while we were textin. She go crazy when she with your bestie. She was low n sad when she was in ecstasy. But i promise, you havent even seen all shit. Verse1 and yeah,yeah,yeah.


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sounds good

1 month ago

It's fire man 🔥🐍🔥🐍

3 months ago

u funny for dis

4 months ago

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