Netmad- $he Bust

Netmad- $he Bust


#netsb, #rap, #trap, #totop, #netbust. #bussin #slop. Enjoy, i love my fans. God bless you all. Prod by aizzybeats. @rapfamebest, @moderator_en. Lyrics: Skr,prr. She got glock on beam. Whole mouth in lean. She my lover, she my bro. Im not callin you my hoe. Bust down, bust down, to the rope. Have you seen j.cole, you gotta role. Yeah she know. Yeah i know, he know. They know. They ask why i always say i know. Maybe cause i know. Wick up to the point, i point on nose. She got tears in eyes, but sorry how shit goes. I didnt create game, i didnt even play. But if you gotta gun, imma pull up on some funner. You scare me in night, we dont see dark in summer. She got beam up, iam the plumber. Whole mouth in gini, bitches drivin mans, i drive the mini. She my lover, she my bro. I dont like bitches, i like good savage, tho. Bust down to the rope. You gotta mic, im givin hope. Dont you be like micky mouse, you know we dont like rats, stiffa aint real one, play lion when he cat. Yeah he cant take this damage. Now im playin for the slop, he too fire, they arrest him like cop. Like nle im fire, didnt you miss chop. Takin bitch top, stay w me, dont drop. You try me, you in danger. You like devil, but you play angel. You pussy they call you hazel. You rappin but do you not able. Im star, through table. She know that we know, cum in warm, make her blow. So sorry but we go. Know you gonna miss. Stiffa you cannot diss me, lil cat kiddy. Pause. Verse1. She bust, money bust, you slump, she bust. Aye,prr,nettyy.


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