Right call ft.Valious

Right call ft.Valious


#netcl, #netrc. Enjoy, i love my fans. God bless you all. Prod by valious. Lyrics: Ooh,ooh. I dont know if i make right call. I dont know if i make left call. I dont know if i left you all. I dont know when i fall. Now im thinkin bout what you said. Stick in my hand, you know when. My shoes doesnt match in trend. Now im playin in this game, now im playin and i spend. Now my head is for blend. I can stand on plane. Now my head is for blend. I dont know if im makin shit. I dont know, what i gotta know. All you fuck is your hoe,hoe. Ring in fing, you say,no,no. You hate wedding ring. You love my cash not everything. You hating me on every thing. Fryin me in jelly ding. Playin with pong ping. Why i feel you when i sing. Why i dont feel you when i rap. I beat you up in sweat. Verse1 and. Oh,oh,oh,oh,oh. Oh,oh,oh,oh,oh.


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