Come n go

Come n go


#netgo, #netc. #netgoc.Enjoy, i love my fans. God bless you all. Prod by official_tk.Murisa Lyrics: Come n go. You know, i know. Come n go. Always hurt us. 2x. You know i dont fade shit. Either i dont date shit. You have been shoutin my name, but you dont wanna face shit. All you tryna play funny. Spinnin back load gunny. Sorry bros, i know shit, and i cannot face honey. I know you dont pay shit. Who gon say shit. Who gon take hit. Who gon give hit. Cry n you get spit. I cannot really understand, shit make me wanna hit. Grass n i cross line. Where is the boss line. I see no line. Oh maybe bit red. Body off line dead. Maybe green line. Maybe blue sack. My back has glued of this all shit,aye. Intro 1 time. Ive been like playin this shit. Keepin you satisfied with my dick. I do not care he got big. Her fuckin hair, i throw up on shit. Body fit but no on clip. I got yo pussy in grib. Keepin shut up i got tape. I cannot love you, only shape. I just know cause im in flame. And imma put lock in game. Drivin heat but i aint crazy. Double eye doll, gotta name her daisy. You got key in lock but you just fade it. Like come n go. You know i know. Come n go, always hurt us. 2x.


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