I Got Issues

I Got Issues


Produced By Trunxks Performed By Synysta Mixed by Magnum Inspired By K-Nature Sampled By Gie #SynsGotIssues #TadBitAngry #HouseOfMadness #AbsurdTheWayIDoIt ##IGotIssues #NeverBeDisarmed #DarkBars #PencilsInTheChest #Madhouse #Synysta


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6 hours ago

haters are too scared to spit for themselves cuz you get them on a hook 🪝.

1 month ago

Yo @Synysta, We listened to your track 'I Got Issues', here's our report: Track Artwork ✅ Track Length ⭐️ Title ✅ Description ✅ Bars ✅ Cadence/Flow ✅ Delivery ✅ Vibe ⭐️ Concept ⭐️ Trending ⭐️ Recording quality ✅ This track is a perfect addition for the 'Rap Fame Daily' playlist 💥! Congrats! You can find it on the Discovery Page 🔍 Submit more music for another report from us, we'd love to hear more! 💪 All the best, The Rap Fame Team 😎 ⭐ - Feature Worthy ✅ - Good Start 🛠 - Needs Improvement

3 months ago

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