Happy Mother’s Day🌹 and it’s my birthday 🎂🥳 soooo hit play ▶️🙌🫣😂 SHARK TANK ENT’s LEI’DI PRESENTS a relatable traxk “LET GO” Sometimes family hinder you in the process of thinking you helping and sometimes you have to know when to let them go for you..💔 featuring Lisa Nichols Power Motivational Speech. Thank you for listening and stay safe and God bless!🙏💯❤️ Lyrics BELOW 👇 Im dealing with self denial arrogant deranged bums They create disorders in u and then Lord then they call it love Taking everything and won’t leave u not a single ahh crumb In Explode mode and got da audacity to tell me to bottle it up Testing my patients til my actions said I finally had ENUFF Y’all took all my green and left me with no par in the ruff y’all drained me dry no tears to cry no pride so I’m finally done And the only thing you teaching me is that love ain’t really love So Love isn’t love if its not said with enough money And the more money I had y’all loved me and took it from me Then degrade me and slander me cause I left that to better me Knew I wouldn’t have nothing u was too busy hindering me My mother ain’t my mother my brother ain’t my brother And my sister well I wouldn’t know that hoe from any other Cause she’s like our mother And the time I did was her fault so FUCC her she asked the judge to give me the max on 5 felonies kill her So ticket in my hand bags packed and I up and left Didn’t say goodbyes cause I already gave y’all my best The next time that y’all see me we’ll be reunited in death Cause I knew when I left this time I wasn’t plan on looking bacc When I crossed them state lines I felt weight off my chest For the first time in two years I could breathe when I took a breath But y’all will be remembered cause the scars They don’t forget But this year I got my wish to start my life and refresh #LETUHMGO #ICANDOIT #UCANDOIT #FAMILYHURTS #FAMILYTHERAPY #BROKENBONDS #HURTFAMILY #REFRESHYOU #RELATABLE #LEIDI #LEIDITEE #SHARKTANKENT #TH3QUEEN #TBQ #THEBOSSQUEEN


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having read your page. it please me to drop a comment here✨☄️.. More wins 🥂

11 hours ago

Spit it Queen

1 day ago

now this shit banging that intro tho this track hitting peep my battle #queenofcumhill

2 days ago

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