We can keep going. Sad AF Im up 3-0 and got yall mad. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Oh Fuckin Well. Up your quality, Ill mix for you boys no worries. If Im nothing but fillers your losses are more pathetic, how the big bad Flu let eXo do what he do? If the platform is so biased why do you keep taking it there? Excuses, excuses my friends. #POPTARTSXO #DREKOPOPTART #POPTARTFLU #POPTARTSPIT #OGPOPTART #FLUENTDISS #DREKODISS #SPITBOXDISS #eXo #SWFeXo #SWF #stayw0ke #VandalMob #INMOBWETRUST #PutMeOn #BMVideo #BMHeat #BMBest #FIRE #RFGODS #AINTNOROOKIE #ToWhom #POTW Art, Written, Performed, Mixed, & Mastered By: SWF eXo (Ill do yours for a fee) —————————————————— Poptarts (Dreko, Fluent, Spitbox, OG and Anyone else who wants it diss.) Lyrics roughly since yall get them given too you and still get em wrong….cant read apparently. Ima eat this bitch for breakfast, If I seen him on the street Id beat his ass and rob his necklace, for talkin wreckless. X is givin history lessons, and kickin you peasants. So pay your penace, cause we know Im the real menace. And Fluent be bigger Em rip off then Denace. I could fuckin break his teeth and send him to the dentist. Theres some filler bars for your fillings bitch, while Im killin this, and watchin all your fuckin bodies twitch. From my godly shit. Popout on dreko, hit his neck, watch his lego. Kiddin playin with his buildin blocks and eattin eggos. Heres some maple syrup, its delicious mixed with poisin. Not tryna be malicious, just dont fuck with you boys damn. Wait, I thought you big girls dont cry. Yeah call me Kenny mafucker No I dont die. You got bodied up by Rellik real quickly. Yeah Ill take you back like Bobby just hit Whitney. Ima 5 star general, you screamin high on chemicals. But Im a fuckin methhead, damn you hysterical. Aint even gotta rhyme and I can body you cunts. Yall so damn clingy I cant say bye to you once. Theres some Punchlines pussies, fuck you push me. Yall dont fuckin get thats cause your lives be to kushy. Dreko just dont ever leave your house in a hoodie. Zimmermans be all out and about, lets keep you goody. Flu is Ken pissed when you got spit all on your shit, I bet he got more pics of me then my ex bitch. I really wish, you would quit with your silly shit, I really twist heads off GOATS is you a Billy bitch. Ill sacrifice you to my God, praise Alah, your bones is in a ditch, with your dogs and OGs 100 milly kids. Im militant, I only rap shit I really did, Gimme a buck fitty, get griddy please fuck your innocence. —————————————————— Im the best in this game, no questions. Im bettin that yall feel threatened. 11 of you get deaded, for not receivin the message. I reckon that I could wreck you just flexin, youre not impressive. My pention for killin people been mixed in with my aggression. Got a homicide detective out lookin for my perspective, Tell her “you want it, come get it, nobody gettin neglected.” Head spinnin around my records, whats next? To keep it connected. You get dissected and chopped into pieces in intersections. Into Texas, with a 10 gallon hat, cause I got a big head. Hit a bitch with brick, look around like he just a bit dead. Its been said, since I was a kid, “he needs to get meds.” Im intense, I just wanna kill all you piss ants. Listen, Ima keep beatin bodies till this ends. They missin, half of my bars, they get me pissed then. And if when, they wanna chop, kill em in the kitchen, Im sick and, tired of all of the fuckin bitchin. Back to egg heads spinnin, I beat em while Im mixin. I want all the beef, cause I got all the fuckin fixins. Im wishin, one of you would, but all you chickens. I been known to crack so many fuckin skulls, and throw em in a pot, bewitchin. I hope you aint talkin to me. You move too soft, you aint walkin with me. None of you rockin with me. Im a the alpha, the top of my breed. I am the talk of the street. I am hip hop I am rock and a beast. I am the one thats makin all you bleed. Peace be with me got em down on they knees. Im like Jeez, me and my Gs, always be doin whatever we please. Stingin the bees, I mean like naturally. I Dont SWAT, Im the team. You only tryna meet me in your dreams. Thats only comedy all in your schemes. Im like a comet smashin the economy, honestly come at me, none of you breathe. And I know that none of you read. Why are yall runnin from me? Guessin now I gotta scream. Now I just gotta be mean, now I just gotta be me. Exposin you all for bein weak. I dont offer sleep. You like runnin, I like choppin off feet. Got my coffee, hello copy, think we got another double homi. Let me double up on the double time. Jungle 2 Jungle then goin into the mumble time. Breakin a record of mine, wait Im checkin, Im fine. Needed a second thats why. Guessin I better say bye. Got em all red in the eyes, look at em gettin demised. Bucket of chicken and fries, spit and Im RIPPIN them guys. Everybody wanna come around act tough, get snuffed mafucka if you really never recognize.


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damn how tf I miss l this?? haha this was dope as bro I love the beat switch up and I absolutely can't stand Dreko LOL

14 hours ago

Gave me goosebumps Bars:dope🥵🔥 Delivery 📦:perfect 🔥🙃 Impression:awesome 🔥 So true

4 months ago

this is crazy good 👍 👏

7 months ago

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