#LifeOnTheRunNRoad #LOTRNR

#LifeOnTheRunNRoad #LOTRNR


#LifeLnTheRunNRoad #LOTRNR @ImmortalsTrack Starring @Rapalotx & @TyrellGibson Production, and Cover Art By Ty'Wu 🎨 Peace and Blessings to our true listeners and supporters. I N I Appreciate u. @Moderator_en & The Rap Fame Team, for the platform. Bless up+ 🙏💯 I Dare U 2 Try Me' _______________ This is my rifle hoe this is my gun This one for pain & and this one for fun Life that I’m living I stay on the run Dropping these missels stay letting off bombs Ready are not fill smoke in my lungs 7.62 beat you like drum Ice in my veins I’m feeling so numb Fighting these demons live life on the run _____________________________ This Life on the Run' Entice me 2 Lunge' Right 2 Some Guns' 4 Striking U Bums' Biting off Puns' Likened to None' Fighting for Crumbs' Igniting the Slums' This is my Rifle' & This is my Gun' One is for Rivals' & One is for Fun' Aiming at Titles' & Leaving U Stunned' Becoming Idols' 2 all our Sons' While Racing 2 Scream' In the Face of U Feinds' Wasted on Lean' Erasing your Green' I'm Pacing your Team' & Shaping the Theme' Of Lacing a Scheme' 4 Chasing our Dreams' While Leaning on Sectors' Bringing the Pressure' Stinging like Dexter' Clinging to Treasure' Smiting U Bums' Right in your Lungs' With Mics that Begun' This Life on the Run' ______________________ We Stay on the Road' Displaying our Flow' Spraying at Toads' & Praying 4 Gold' While Hittin up Shows' For Getting to Doe' & Mixing for Bros' Fixing 2 Blow' With the Power' Of two Vets' Here 2 Shower' U with Techs' Beaten U Cowards' As we Flex' Keeping Flowers' On Deck' On the Road Again' From the Podium' Of Opium' To Symposiums' Running the Trapp' Guns in our Lap' Ready to Scrap' Deadly as Crack' Stepping on Snakes' Clinging to Funds' Repping 4 Greats' Bringing U Fun' Stepping 2 Show' All of U Bums' Life on the Road' Is Life on the Run' _____________________


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🔥 flame 🔥 killas on micz, like myself much love famz!!!?

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Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Dope 🔥

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