#ThePANjtEmpire #bleedbaby$records #queens #highfrequencyelites #rapfame #rapfame_ar #rapfametv #rapfamebattles #rapfamelondon #london #newyork #california #losangelles #losgatos #universe #brooklyns #ontario #toronto #philadelphia @pan_jae001 @bigswyps On life's journey I stumbled on grounds made with stones of thorns With a mission to bleed me out without a voice My thought bout it made me know this could not be physical I wonder why matters of physics are made from spirits Looking unto Christ the solid rock I stand I heard a clear voice this is nothing with the physical Reason y our weapons of warfare are not canal But might through God To the pulling down of strong holds and casting Down imaginations Bringing every thought to the obedience of Christ He took me down memory lanes, when we still in Romans Whether we live, we live unto thy Lord And whether we die, we die unto the Lord So, whether we live therefore or we die We are the Lord's Reminiscing on His words from the days of old Though we sinners but on His words He's gon be faithful So, don't let the wearies of today Take you away from the ways of the Lord Coz at last you'll sing ur praises To the Lord for saving ur life


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Excellent track bro. divinity with the trinity. and this bear can now rest as ease.

6 months ago

only fear the man above!!🪖🪖💥🤲🏿

7 months ago

🫡SALUTA’s Bro, just 🧏🏻‍♂️but I like what I could make out🕊

8 months ago

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