📌#CapitolJames “Bruisin pt.2” 📌

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#capitoljames #bruisin2 #maintenanceman Tiktok @capitolJames2 #TheComission #Bars @moderator_en @rapfamebest @rapfame_arteam @rapfametv Fraudin spent ya last on a new fit Tryn get a broad but u won’t do sht/ A New gun will make u forget u a bitch, U gon die early won’t get to do sht/ Can’t rap about nothin if u don’t know sht, Homicide detective said I don’t sht, I don’t gossip bout nobody that’s broke sht, Snapchat memory bring up old sht/ It’s tryn tell my wife all about my old sht, We in Arizona I’m about to grow sht I use to play wit rocks u know I’m gon throw sht/ I hate a bum who always want to hold sht, stay away from em u think they stole sht, you’ll get the needle when feds come and sow some sht/ times gettin hard got the world in my hand but I ain’t gon borrow nothin from another man/ Fraud in, and yall ain’t even really friends, talk sht to me about em then hang wit em again/ midnight she out wit ya manz, u just made parole just got out the can/ when u shine bright, they want a hand full of gems, but u wasn’t there wit me shootin in the gym/ it don’t seem right, we do the drug dealer music, y’all era buy all the drugs then use it/ if shawty ever ask u take her somewhere expensive take her azz to a gas station/ Nggaz don’t last u don’t have patience, too ugly for a baby don’t have Relations/ dear lord I wonder can u save me, All 5 of ya babymomz hate em/ a Queen could take care of kids one gig u trappin all day can’t feed one kid/ Fraudin,


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10 days ago

Killed it! 🎯

Yo bro peep upstate Skandelouz on Spotify if you got a sec much appreciated amicccoooo

2 years ago

This is tiiitE

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