BACK ON MY INFINITE BARS SHIT 🔥👑🦈🩸 #MIXTAPEVIGI #KINGVIGI #VIGIMPERIAL #FEATURE #POTW #PLAYLISTED #BANGER #LYRICAL #HEAT #BANGER #2K22 #RAPFAME #REALHIPHOP #GOODMUSIC #DUCKWORTH #KDOT #MODERATOR_EN #SHARKTANKENT @moderator_en [ Lyrics ] lyrical imperial they illusions call em mysterious add some realness in your minerals via stereo the man right chea ain't no limit feeling like mystikal when it come to killing these niggas Im a habitual offender don't get offended the truth hurts I'm off centered aiming at pretenders they sleep in dirt black mask energy I am jacking for instrumentals black airforces on hand case I must kicked in dentals I came from under a rough hood many can't go there either you be 10 toes down or lose a toe there a sucker infiltrating my click that's even more rare real recognize you'll get found in the middle of nowhere they acting hot headed I cool em off with a cold stare we grizzly bears thats straight savage them niggas snuggle bears I got fire and want smoke them boys tobacco put the barrel in they mouth and make em swallow Tabasco this the bad lands I'm a wild dog vigis a jackal you rafting in the water with sharks with just a paddle they empire full of Muppets like nicks eurekas castle in the booth I'm worshipped the studio is my tabernacle the opps trying to read me like closed caption our lingo to different they getting no interaction we keep our pockets swollen like an allergic reaction play with my doe we pulling up on you it's an extraction your ppl come I take full clips & start subtracting they'd be boxed up fast as an Amazon prime package I'm that dope that made alpo do money mitch don't think I'm talking bout my age when I tell you I'm 36 I'm taking rappers out on Beats call it a dinner date & most these rappers aint main course they just my hunting bait been outta prison 14years and suffer trauma scars nomatter what I do I can't get away from these hard bars so many lethal ways I can choose to strike you better be lucky I laid the strap and picked the mic too don't try to lay claim on domains you have no rights to the underground is mine not even Satan can invite you off the brain like 11 this is the stranger things I'm a puppet master check yourself for puppet strings these niggas are not kings nor princesses I call em princess organic malfunctions like siblings committing incest orkan man I squeeze down and spray these insects two targets they both get covered up like a twinset I see how these other boys doing it I'm not impressed inject my philosophy in you brain and you'll invest I remember writing rhymes in my homies car right next to techs blocks piled up in the trunk but this no leggo set police next to us at a light were they suspicious yes light turned green and they peeled off thank God they didn't check


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Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Dope 🔥

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😤💯This Dope G

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