BattleBars#Acapella tremendous skillz💀🏃‍♀️🔥  solo sista's

BattleBars#Acapella tremendous skillz💀🏃‍♀️🔥 solo sista's


#Acapellatremendousskillzdiss#BattleBaRs#Bodied#Husky/Bullymusicrecords#BodiedBags🎤I would send a battle but I don't need any shade voters so take this 🔥🎤💨🌡️#nobeat#Bodybagging#Bodied#Bars#rapfame#Husky/bullymusicrecords#so fuck tremendous skills/yeah i heard ya bars and they didint give me any goosebumps or any chills/your flows herendous and overdahill /dickhead u aint sick or even close to ill /well maybe from taking ya boyfriends pills/u shooting blanks/ your a buligi whale stuck in a sharks tank/tremendous/ u gets no respects/cuz your raps /make real rappers tremendously upset/you outdated old and not nice/ i bet you leave bengaycream all over your mic/& on ya head phones /u in da redzone deadzone and fean get ya head flown/ im bodybagging toe tagging on sum lyricl shit/fanstastic 4 and sensational with stick/cuz im soild like thing/fire like torch /your the invisible chick/ another bozo with a flow below average/rraight homo solo and never been a Savage/i body you by using ya teammates names and leave u burred/ u green like terry /oh you dont know/ jealously is ugly bro/and then this a pretty tko/cuz everthing about me more than jus gee/bully slash husky /i got that g flow/ if i pop 6 i live more than big o/ &ya bars is a big no/cuz way u did that biggie beat u deserve body blows/your irritating & irrelevant / a one dimensional rapper/who aint past the 5th element / laying up in jays cuddy/38bulldog to ya favorite buddy/and i stay muddy /and over here everything on A ask will/u should rename yourself tired ass skills/cuz u off beat ryming wit a dumbface/im mr.onetake with out da shoe lace /now bitch bounce/cuz ya crew leader queen shiety went & deleted her accont/now shes sending emails telling people she do anal for a halfonce/u getting boded wit no hook /and u tell p doggy doggy /that bitch on his profile pic/ looks like she needs to be broken off /before me n black rain give her rikers cock/fuck you and your writers block /cuz ya boy fiya on twisted gunz with new clocks /u got the face of sneaky c.o and a rude cop / you rappin narc/ undercover at ciphers & at the parcs/ wearing wires/ telling rappers let here that fire/ i cut to your long speeach /how u on Miami State of mind/ but you reping long beach / u telling long lies/u a loser now & in da long run / ill give your my moms my long dick /and ya long face da long gun /a special 2 for one/so how gonna pop off / when back of your neck look like a pack of hot doggs/ you should've stood on your pops sheets as dry cum/cuz the only thing tremendous about you /is that youll allways be a tremendous bum /


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He really thinks he good 😂

3 months ago

😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥 how he rep for next level when king of dumb hill can't even make past level one

4 months ago

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