Pick of the Week #12
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❓@moderator_en❓Growing up, mom said get a hobby.  So I started growing trees🌳like Mr. Miyagi🈺 ❔@onastyjr❔#iamtheanswer❔ I catch charges, never catch cabs🚖 I stay wit' a Eagle (Desert), like Donavon McNabb🏈 Growing up, mom said get a hobby So I started growing trees🌳like Mr. Miyagi🈺 Not on vacation🏖if I say I'm catching cases🚔 Get paid under the table, but never tip the waitress Neck covered in water💦like a ship offshore🚢 They say I'm to gangsta, and go overboard🏊 Dude from Massachusetts, had to spray up his block Shot him in the foot, now that's a Boston Red Sox⚾ Then scooped his bitch up, in a new drop🚗 Then told her to breakout✌🏾like chickenpox🤒 Always wanted to drive in a blue Lotus🏎 Only thing I could afford, was a used Focus (Ford) Now I'm focused👓frames on me I notice🤓 I turn a rod into a snake🐍just like Moses Just like sandals, car paint flip flop Like Darryl from Coming To America🌎it drip drop (paint) (hair) I can't lie, I got this shit on lock🔒 Gotta be careful what I say, told a junkie to kick rocks (crack) (Hook) You know the propaganda Hit'em with the hammer (gun) Sleep like pajamas Off camera 📷 Then flee to Atlanta🍑 Clip banana In a cabana🏕 Got AK's like Vanna (White) Anybody got questions❓I Am The Answer (2x) My shorty want the best for me, when she be venting🗣 (her) 😴 (me) Cause the type of work I do, don't come wit' a pension💲 But she don't complain, cause we ain't leasing or renting🏡 My clip (magazine) like a bald bitch, it comes wit' extensions (extended clip) (hair) I don't rap for no Picks of the Week I rap bout these niggas, tryna pick on the weak Any nigga I pick, is something I eat Like Razor Ramon (R.I.P)🙏🏽I got that pick in my teeth Nigga threaten me, bets believe I'ma see you Call me🕷Peter Parker🕸cause you know I'ma swing thru Well known drug dealer, on probation👮 I sell so much ice (methamphetamines), thought I work for Immigration (ICE) They aiming at my head🤕cause I usually keep a vest I'm pulling niggas card, like American Express💳 I know the real meaning of Love Is Blind Spent $200 on Valentine's❤and none of them hoes was mine🤷🏽 (Hook) @moder_judge_en @rapfamebest @rapfame_ar_team @behindthelyrics @rapfame_awards @rapfametv @rapfame_socials #moderator_en #rapfame #rapfamebeat #rapfametv #feature #featured #bmfeature #bmbest #bmvideo #bars #rap #rapper #realrap #hiphop #banger #lit #hot #fire #trap #dope #heat #flow #1 #new #music #loco #onlygang #2022 #potw #onasty #onastymuzik


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You UP 📈


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Champion 🏆

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