Nothing To Hide

Nothing To Hide


©️Sweet Lady Love-- I'm too legit never stop I won't quit Been rubbed the wrong way tit for tat I choked it slow stroked it model type diva ripping these gunplays like runways. I got nothing to hide but way too much to lose. seems least people know least they think but still way to to many clout chasers foes 4sho I know they hoes though. Hidden agendas like adjusters malpractice maybe just beginners cant forfeit my game cuz I got nothing to hide no beginner still winning see Smith &Wesson always on my side. So listen up if you dont get it just rewind it underline it categorize it oh tiddy baby pacifi it surviving by borrowed timming they're codependently drug to hell by copping out refusing to change their ways and repent accept it or recognize it adjust it & highlight it. I'm 2 legit I Neva Stop I wont Quit I got nothing to hide hey .. heard they lied fuck it least I tried abiding by the rules inconclusively been denied still nothing to hide primped and proper Organized General no excuses im a magnificent leader improved knowledgeable like MacGyver Intensive flow Steady on my feet though take a seat hoe lyrically like fire im heat on this beat dont cry dry your eyes analytics don't lie why..Cuz I got nothing to hide too much to lose too much held inside check my rap sheet guess they had something to proof been misguided nothing lose not me im new and improved and I got so much to lose nothing to hide. I done paid my dues here's the News I've been misunderstood & misused I'm bruised they can't Walk a Mile In MyShoes . I got nothing to lose ... I choose life over negativity heartache and abuse. nothingtohide #rapfamecontest #moderator_en


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