{GB} Dubble A
{GB} Dubble A



To: Defanged Squirrel reality hurts I'll verbally Greek and 7 times a week put u in the back of a hurse shames unfirled whatcha packin in your purse you lame girl haven't you heard that im spectacularly versed that's your first mistake but dissing me in my own comments is your worst mistake you're like a child talking mess then running away like a little puppy dog with its tail between its legs. you talk smack then block our chats tell me, how manly and tough is that? you coward , my guess is you won't respond to this and make it more obvious how soft you is. I'm on the tip of honest bricks thrown at you just so you can see how hard it gets. you a mattress. actually helpless going up against a steel cactus your exit wounds prove that im matchless its your classless malice that I'm attacking your falacies reek of feces they will get bagged up. I'll even make your crew and my hood stand up. I'm a solo artist but I always keep it fammed up. start beef wit me, I'll have fam coming out the woodwork and bushes and they'll put in work, they vicious without a word, you missing you thug need just listen you a keyboard warrior who makes me bored when you spittin your keys hardly fit in. you ain't on lock, you open it ain't a shock, you hopi ng rap fame world don't notice that I will kick you in your colon you a no name who provoked one of God's chosen rap spokesmen I'm responding in kind, I'm shooting flames like I'm supposed to I'm not saying I'm the goat not saying ima an impressive killer I'm not saying I'm like Jordan bc more like Reggie Miller. I'm saying I know what I got so it's wise that you don't test me and if you wanna press me I'll just score points effortlessly let's see, did I cover all the points u wanted to make? I did, I warned you not take the same mistake. I'm telling you now to just leave well enough alone do that and you'll never again have to enter this rough zone


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2 years ago

get em


2 years ago

fire song view #goat5

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