freestyle vibes 🤷 it's whatever @moderator_en #MELLOW150 #BAREXAMZ #IVRYHANCOCK #150SECNE @cre8tive @dhattboit @superman14 @swift @dexidous @fortune500 @ymi @brellyg @mafiaqueen @ponomo @johnnyb ¡josh @mr.clockwork @killermami @garsco @talksik1 @nickwalker @prophit @moderator_en A HOOD NIGGA IS NOT JUST SOMEBODY WITH GUNS & DRUGS 🙄 A HOOD NIGGA IS SOMEBODY WHO HAS A EMPTY SOUL TOOK ALOT OF LOSSES, DEALT WITH SLEEPLESS NIGHTS...SO IF YOU THINKING YOU FINNA HAVE A PERFECT RELATIONSHIP WITH A STREET NIGGA YOUR NOT. THEY ARE DAMAGED FROM THE LOSSES , THE DEATHS , PRISON DAYS , SHOOTOUTS, THE BETRAYALS, NO FOOD AND SCRAMBLING THATS WHY THEY ASKING FOR SOMEONE SOLID AND FOR YALL TO BE THEY PEACE THEY ALREADY BEEN THRU HELL.. MOST OF YOU BITCHES AIN'T BUILT FOR THIS SHIT PERIOD 💯 THEY REALLY HAVE HEARTS OF GOLD BEHIND ALL THESE DEMONS. @JB_AlwaysHonest @bilalawan.7884 @immortal_cakes @dapittbully @mcjoed @jandajha @rapfametv @behindthelyrics @rapfame_awards @rapfame_socials @rapfame_innovation


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