Ona$ty - Birds🐦

Ona$ty - Birds🐦


Shorty be moody, on her time of the month🗓 Don't wanna see ketchup🔴so I catch up wit' her like Hunt's. 🐦@moderator_en🐧@onastyjr🐤#birdsonasty🐔 Its Onast' A yo, let me break some things down to you Peep this... Cops🚔pull me over, I'm going to the Feds I keep two O's in a 7 (2 ounces, 745 BMW) like Daniel Craig (007)(James Bond) Most you niggas in gangs, just for protection🛡 I still open niggas up🔪like C-Sections🤰🏽 I move like a boss, never cry😢about a loss Never stop at intercessions, hate getting crossed (over) Like a signal on a car🚗wait your turn I ran through the Big Apple🍎just like a worm Carry metal like bike's🚲clip like kickstand Floating nozzle... So no kickback, like Van Damme🥋 Like Ricard Pryor, I See No Evil😎 Cause I seen more fishscales🐟than a seagull When I do a show, they recite my songs🎶 Cause I did more gigs, then a SD Card I'm holding shit down, you gotta gimme respect💯 Not in a Crew and robbing niggas for Blue Checks Niggas talk about, this nigga O moving birds💉 Niggas talk about, this nigga O bussing birds🔫 Niggas talk about, this nigga O fucked my bird👩🏾 Put my dick🍆in your ear👂🏽so you could fuck what you heard What up son🌞you can't outshine me I keep a diamond💎in my ring💍(2 meanings) like WWE Niggas lying on me, like a futon🛋 Water on me frozen, never lukewarm Fired home girl🙍🏽but she was a good accountant📠 She just wanted to play with my stick, like we was jousting Shorty be moody😡on her time of the month🗓 Don't wanna see ketchup🔴so I catch up wit' her like Hunt's Shave the hammer on the pin, to make it automatic Put a silencer, like pipe to crack addicts Gotta take piss test, for my PO If I'm dirty, won't see Next Friday🗓like Debo My hoe like Ms. Parker... You can get her, if the Price Is Right like Bob Barker Pen🖊capture my thoughts, all on paper📄 So I booked me a flight🛫to the tallest skyscraper🌇 (Hook) @moder_judge_en @rapfamebest @rapfame_ar_team @behindthelyrics @rapfame_awards @rapfametv @rapfame_socials #moderator_en #rapfame #rapfamebeat #rapfametv #feature #featured #bmfeature #bmbest #bars #rap #rapper #realrap #hiphop #banger #lit #hot #fire #trap #dope #heat #flow #1 #new #music #loco #onlygang #2021heat #bmvideo #potw #onastymuzik


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has anyone ever told you that you sound like rakim and big daddy kane shit is dope bar's on bar's on top of bars

2 months ago

This one of my favorite joints from you right here 🔥🔥🔥💯😤

4 months ago

dope track n pic

7 months ago

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