🏆 POPCORN (1) 1/19/22- By: StaRRstruck🏆

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#PopcornByStarrStruck #StarrStruckAndPopcorn #freestyle #StarrStruckPopcorn. #StarrStruckPopcornSeries ============================ [FreeStyled/Talked By] StaRRstruck [Mixed By] StaRRstruck [Cover Art By] StaRRstruck ============================= @moder_judge_en @rapfame_socials @moderator_en @rapfamebest @rapfame_rewards @rapfametv @rapfame_ar_team ============================= ••• SUBSCRIBE TO MY PLAYLIST ••• ============================= [ABOUT THIS TRACK] > I named this track POCORN, because YOU CAN have some popcorn & learn Mfs! > I’m ADDRESSING 12 things, I FEEL, to address. > Take something POSITIVE from this. > TOPICS- blue checks, auto tune, taggin, diss tracks, haters, supporting vs bein a fan, duckin battles, flows vs talkin, bars, delivery, originality, freestyles vs writtens. ============================== > Tryin to teach y’all 😭 : ) > If you DON’T fuck w/my music, stay off my MF page. “STRAIGHT LIKE THAT.” =============================== ** StaRRstruckSaidItVibes ** ** StaRRstruckSpeakinFactsVibes ** ** StaRRstruckEnergy **


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@d_hump If the cowboy shoe fits🤣🤷🏾‍♂️

really enjoyed this ... the whole thing


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