💥”TIME TO SHOW THE FUCK OFF🥶👑 2022”💥#Xorcx #XorcxFam #Onemillionplays #PlatinumArtist #Bossmoves #HallofFame #Rapfamelegend #Battlemelegend #TH3KING #Kingofchallenges #Legendary #CertifiedOfficial #Officialentrancee #Kills Verse: BR33ZE Headed for the throne , bag of money in my bank account , Hard to love a bitch who can’t reciprocate the same amount , Hustle like It’s no tomorrow, all about my purpose , I stay up in my lane ,to stay rerouted from the circus. When I reload I’m in beast mode , hit the punch lines likes a gate code If i smoke a blunt, issa prerolled ,got dem tinted windows wit the seat low.. In the studio on da mic murder, only spit it quick when it’s all aggression , When I’m off the zannys ,if you touch my family, imma send ya home, funeral procession, I ain’t got the time but I got da pressure, And at night I deal wit the tough depression , If you deep in thought tryna catch a bullet , I attach the clip like a repossession, Keep a 40 Glock right on top the dresser , Got the hollow tips , ain’t no time for Restin, And my Lovely bitch got a smith and Wesson Blow ya fuckin brains through the gates of Heaven. And I rap hard like a Rap Lord, heavymetal like a rockstar , And I got the beat from a TrackGod, dats a nomination for an Oscar , I’m a million miles from the graveyard , but a thousand miles from a record drop But I like to travel , and I like the gravel , let the first verse be the rest stop , I’m gone… 2nd Part- Real checks with a real flex , put dat Friday money in my bank account, Got bad bitch and got a new award , I gotta climb the ladder on the wall to mount, Put a million plays in my trophy cup and got a lot of haters wanna shoot me up, But imma catch em slippin, fo dey get dey weapon , shoot dey family members I don’t give a fuck, Tell my babymomma get the pistol out , tell my son and daughters rearrange the locks , Get the whip and flip it wit my cup and sippin line the bullet holes up and down the block , I don’t play no games when I’m smilin face , I ain’t walkin bars cause I run the race , Walk up in yo shit like I own the place , I remain alone so I don’t catch a case….


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bro you drop nothing but heat all bangers brotha 🔥💯💯💯 its tracks like yours that let it be known there is different levels to the game keep the heat coming !

7 months ago

good 😊 I like the Rapp

8 months ago


9 months ago

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