I'm back at it

I'm back at it


you know who it is leash the Savage I'm back at it cuz I got to have it I've been through the hustle I've been through the struggle when i starts spitting bitch you're are in trouble I got that muscle go ahead and dig a little deeper bring a shovel enough with the Mumble never am I going to stumble I have Dug myself out of the rubble i always keep it humble I know I'll see the light at the end of that tunnel I just want to come up and make double so there' going to be a lot of trouble if you don't leave me alone and stop trying to pop My bubble stay out of my DM's and trying to get my number I really don't give a f*** if nobody likes me I'm bringing it in hard like lightning and thunder why you got to sit there and wonder never will i go under you are my pray and I am the Hunter the faster i spit I get more blunter i am a mother who's not getting any younger go but your just getting dumber i hope your a runner because I'm getting drunker listen to my heart beating like a drummer these rymes is my hunger so f*** your apology ahead and put my name in your mouth it don't bother me I'm just speaking honestly basic b****** are just gossipee acting like they hate me but all they want is comradery you'rad because you got deleted stay heated cuz you know I'm a heathen so go ahead and step up cuz I really don't give a f*** this savag is not giving a what? I'm just trying to make a few bucks I can't stress this enough don't you push your luck just know if you start throwing hands you better duck it's going to be your blood. i could care less about your conduct just watch out for that mud go dig yourself back in that rut cuz I'm coming in like a flood leash is Savage is coming up copyright by Alicia Hodson


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oh! wow! this is amazing. ✌👌👍

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