TheSwarm (SatisFiction)

TheSwarm (SatisFiction)


#r2 #TrendSetterZ #2022 #dallas #texas #dfw #hiphop #r2musik #TheSwarm2022 #r2swarm #SatisFiction r2 Satisfaction diagnose for your description It's obvious MFs do not pay attention I ain't one to sit around all day steady bitchin But enuff is enuff ima make em listen! Paint a picture for whoever cannot hear Make sure that the canvas clear Hears a toast whoever think they ending my career Slow me down NOT at all Build a bridge build a wall I report back that London Bridge about to fall I must be a ghost the way they overlook me Tru talent playing hooky focus on a fukin rookie Fuk I look like someone that just started Big mistake gettin me started That's ya funeral WE gathered here today dearly departed Hands come together sorry what has gotten in to me How could I forget to say a prayer for my enemies End up on my shit list that wasn't intentional But I don't ever stop until they die from gettin sick of me Fuk a feature and a feature I'm the feature presentation bet ya Benjis on that real talk no simulation I put my heart beat on a beat and let it beat till it bang its ftw.. fuk the game I put the swisha to the flame confusion fallin for illusions Talent can't be bought plz stop tha credit card abusing How TF u gone shine hard online One way better pay 29.99 Ull be fine after that Name on a Gold plaque TF is that smell oh that's crap on top of crap R.e.s.p.e.c.t. that shit right there work for me talent cannot be denied they tried unfortunately the suits got the game fuk up fake love gassed up But no matter how much you pay u still gettin passed up Invest in yo talent not yo popularity All the smoke and mirrors fukin up the clarity .. its all on me they don't know no better follow the leader ima fukin TrendSetter back to reality grab an umbrella shit about to storm ima swarm on WHOEVER


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That intro is fuckin perfect bruh 💯 BarZ are ill as fuck my G 🔥🔥🔥

15 days ago


17 days ago

all around 100% straight heat from top to bottom this is dope intro on point I love it

20 days ago

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