Goodbye (Russ REMIX)

Goodbye (Russ REMIX)


Saying GOODBYE to 2021… with this Russ remix sampling the lovely Esther Phillips 🙏🏻 Let me know what you think and DONT FORGET TO VOTE DEXIDOUS 🏆 #Dexidous #NNG #TME #DexGoodbye #GoodbyeRemix #Russ #REMIX **LYRICS** You told me that I was crazy Till I pulled up on your man and you Looked liked the devil when you waved at me Bitch I got something to say to you GOODBYE Yeah I been in the hills Chillin sippin on champagne Trippin on not one bitch So the two of you can go pray that one day I could be yours but it’s all fucked cause I can’t change Look at all these messages, This mess that I done made got me insane I belong on planes not in your bedroom while you’re grabbin on my chains You a distraction how the fuck was I attracted to Mary Jane, Fuck that shit, And Nah this not a diss I’m just pissed if it ain’t dick you don’t want shit to be doin with me y’all not friends Y’all just Fishin for love cause you hate these Nights where you lay on your bed and you, Say “I can’t find no one to save me” Well bitch I got somethin to say to you GOODBYE Yeah I been so bitter with love, Ever since my ex, Now I give little to none, Y’all just get sex, And that isn’t even me I been kept y’all fuck Dexidous That’s facts based off that I haven’t slept with nobody since my baby mom I’m blessed With a son, Second to none, Better watch yo chest, Cause if you breath in a direction That might mess with him I’ll press, On the trigger misconfigure your neck, Till the government is sendin you checks That’s a fuckin problem and a promise aimed over your head you don’t wanna test Like GOODBYE Now It’s 11 past 11 I got 12 on my tail, Got about 13 reasons why imma see you in hell, Cause the devil loves a dance and me? I done made a deal, He said go on eat your heart out Trade love IN for a mil (meal) No more Daliahs just dollars, No calling ya when bothered, This collar that I’m caught in the color of my coffin, Gotta stop all this nonsense it’s grim (Pause) And he’s knockin Cause GOODBYE


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4 days ago

I really love this so much. Dexidous, You dont know hoe much you inspire me. After hearing you, I have looked up to you and whenever I rap, I try to have your style. Of course no one can beat it, But again. Youve inspired me so much and you are an Influence on me. So as for Prophit and someone else, Eminem. Like I said one time, A goal of life I have is to collaborate with you and we both blow up famous. I know it will happen.

6 days ago

🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯💨🌳👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾serioussss shyttt

9 days ago

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