Ona$ty - 150

Ona$ty - 150


🥇@moderator_en🥇Smoke alot of Mary, but never her seeds. They tried to kill me Jes'(us) you get it? For G's💰 🏆@onastyjr🏆#onasty150🏆 We gonna get it started off like this, It's Onast' Cellblock 2 Tha Block pt. II Listen... Check the shit When I spit I'm lyrical, some call me spiritual🙏🏾 Cause bullets leave you holy 🛐 like I'm biblical👼you imbecile Smoke a lot of Mary (two meanings) but never her seeds (two meanings) They tried to kill me Jes' (Jesus) You get it? For G's💰 I can't eat wit' y'all niggas, we don't play the same sport So I threw my fork🍽at you, now that's a pitchfork🔱 (two meanings) Picked your baby👩🏾 up like a stork, took her to New York🗽 Flew back the next day, to see the Knicks play the Hawks🏀 Arraignment in court, from all these licks I caught Now I'm sitting in a cell🚔wit' all these niggas I crossed❎ Couple hours🕖in jail, my plug🔌paid my bail Then jumped in a tinted whip🚗 can't see me like brail Then my chick went down on me, like she going to hell👺 I put a rock💍on finger✋🏽that's why her name Raquel I get C.R.E.A.M. like Bluebell🍨cause I bust shells When you at the beach🏖only time you seashells🐚 All this water💎on me, is raising knee deep high🏊 So I told the lifeguard, to be on standby I commited robberies, I did drive-bys Only crime you did, was probably steal Wi-FI🤳 (Hook) I could hold my weight, even tho I'm 150lbs Coupe go 150mph, Jordan's $150 Pull up ten minutes to two🕑now that's 1:50 Wit' your bitch riding in a Ford-150🚙 I could hold my weight, even tho I'm 150lbs Coupe go 150mph, Jordan's $150 We split 300 pounds, we both get 150 Slice you from ear to ear🔪now that's a buck fifty Call me the fourth vowel (O) Shitting💩on niggas, like I got loose bowels Have you throwing white towels🏳 My shorty lil' brother name Raul, he Damu🔴 Keep a bandana round his head, like Ken & Ryu🥋 If he hustle on the block, mom said he gotta move So he get up in the morning and push work💉 at school He ain't worrying bout, getting no A's or B's Only thing he concerned about, is C'n 'D' (seeing dope) Dope is stepped on, playing footsie👣wit' angels👼 Now that's what I called, getting paid under the table I fucked a lot of chicks, but I never caught feelings🖤 Only thing I caught for, was drug dealing🚔 While I was bagging up weed, you was bagging groceries I sold so much pills💊I should open a pharmacy🏥 Snitches get stitches, but I'll shoot off your lips👄 Put two holes in your tongue👅like the Jordan 6 (Hook) @moder_judge_en @rapfamebest @rapfame_ar_team @behindthelyrics @rapfame_awards @rapfametv @rapfame_socials #moderator_en #rapfame #rapfamebeat #rapfametv #feature #featured #bmfeature #bmbest #bars #rap #rapper #realrap #hiphop #banger #lit #hot #fire #trap #dope #heat #flow #1 #new #music #loco #onlygang #2021heat #bmvideo #onastymuzik


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crazy stupid super ridiculous hard this joint go💯💯💯🔥🔥💥💪☝️

4 months ago


7 months ago

Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Great 🎉 Impression: Dope 🔥

8 months ago

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