SlapQueen - Love N Hate (Prod By NAJ)

Love n Hate Contest #5 place
1,000 Plays

SlapQueen - Love N Hate (Prod By NAJ) #SlapQueen #ContestTrack #LoveNHate #IH8You @rapfame_socials @moderator_en #Freestyle #Regulators #RapFameBest #H8ThatILoveYou #ContestSlapQueen #BMVideo #New #TheAuthority #SlapMusic • 🔥🔥Follow me on Instagram @DatGirlSlap !


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1 year ago

your enchanted music flows your voice like liquid gold enriches my soul igniting a flame that embraces me in its warm soft glow filling me with reason to write bringing out of the dark to bask in your light your art sound mine is sight what i wouldnt give to sing like you for one night a gift from god with a curtsy a head nod tip of my hat you are it!! and thats that!! dont let anyone stop you from reaching your spot reseved for you at the top

2 years ago

🔥 love 🙏🏽

I can hear this on the radio

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