Tryna Get Ahead

Tryna Get Ahead
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20 Dec 2021

lyrics by jkoerner a new song jumping into just fun on the mic . lyrics below  You should call me a Baker  The way I'm making all this bread  And if a girl don't want to give it to me Then  I will take it instead  Better grab your inhaler  Cause you're seeming  Out of breath  I'm like vlad the impaler  I'm just trying to get ahead Verse 1   Bank accounts all upper case you can say I got that capital  Hit the rig real quick like adding a dab abracadabra it's magical I'm a glass half full kind of man then again I drink that shit cause I'm dehydrated  It's my way is that Or the highway  Not a celebrity but I'm celebrating I'm a strategist  Deep when I write like pallagic is  And I'm white like a  Mannequin  Shining like an Amathist  And I cut through the light like I'm anakin I am the type of dude that will talk shit  Just to see how horribly  Mad you get  Then I laugh at it  Tell you you're cheesy as kraft  And then  Show you mad respect Flow like a river giver of 9/10 of them  Mind what my mind sends to the minds of the nonsensical  Rhymes control time in a bind I'll be bending them  Cause I got balls  And they swing like a pendulum Just in case you forgot it  You are facing an artist  Stop acting retarded  My tongue is like xanax   Cause every time that I talk I'm just spitting out bars    Verse 2  If you do you soon to self consume  While I shoot to prove to you doomed perfumes  That it's nothing or everything inside this room  Better finna  to spin it up like typhoons  I can't close this Pepsi no cap  Run your ass around the track like a prolapse  But you'll already know that  off the rails like locomotives hope to roll over like rolex  Pop and lock can't stop me like a rocket  Shot at Spiral back like Fibonacci   Style rock and roll with tones of hop C  Write it down twice cause you'll just be copies With this mic I'm holding  His hand liked Midas all that write is golden  Is like a bowling ball folding impossible flow is possible flow showing that I kill it when I  Spit it the riveden rhythm  If is going to glow golden. Shit where'd the beat go  Did I write it so ill that it turned out lethal  Rip the lyrics in half but it was not peaceful  Cause reading live backwards says I must be evil?  Shit don't mean ass to me though  You say you got gas but your tracks are beano  See yo i bring the gasoline  The last move in a puzzle  I'm a masterpiece   Chorus Outro


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