yo what up all ya'll critics il chop up the statistics if I need to, den il explain to you the explosive, ballistics,im ROCKFILTHY NIGGER i got tha, sick tricks,General biz,take ya"z all to another level explain ya through tha logostics,if im on tha skateboard g course i got tha sicktricks,tha sickness,im tha BIZMAN THA BUIZZNESS i aint gonna be tha one begging tha lord fo forgiveness,in tha dark u struggle to see in the dimness,but i can gaurentee u,one thing n dat is dat nigger il be a witness,kris kringle call me father Christmas put yo ass on tha naughty list in an instance,I am ROCKFILTHY,niggaz my daily schedule so hectic our FILFFAM COAURSE BACKED WITH ASSISTANTS,fuck wid us and in a second, il cease your existence i took over the game cause i Consisted to have consistently have persistence against tha corrupt systems if you join da FILFFAM i tell ya nun of our FAMILIAR going to end up tha VICTIM i got tha serum, i be the prism, solid im thee pillar of strength i solidify ur organizem we da surgeon wid tha scalpal in hand steady make the cuts wid precision


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Your track wavy asf gs salute to your craft in this rap game you def got barz ✊🏿✊🏻😤

16 days ago


5 months ago

I got new battle please comment much respect either way fire lyrics till I die forever only honest votes much respect for giving me a chance 👌 💯 #TmTwoOnOneWow hope you enjoy 👌

6 months ago

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