Im Like That (Feat. Swan)

Im Like That (Feat. Swan)


Im Like That (feat. @swanny) Lyrics: Nes- Who could write the light that strikes up in the bottle, Hit ground then hit the throttle, kick the sound, Nd spit them hallows, Whitened knuckles fit to follow, yet defiance been the motto, Bitch I’m like that, Swan- Who would fight the mind deciding on a style Walk the talk in single file. Stick around to spin the dial When they hustle every dolla Yet the violence going viral  Bitch I’m like that Nes- So many chose to never fight back Nd those who did got did in, had a quiet ride back, Home, prolly contemplated a bullet to the dome, On this mic, you could roll deep yo pussy ass still die alone. Am I a loan? So many tried to take me out, y’all can’t afford it, Cause I make’em quit they kicking, get they ass aborted, If I ain’t the dopest spitting, y’all evidence of the shortage, Them mental midgets don’t get a plot, dump’em in a short ditch. I’m a poor sport, stick balling or kick the can, Shit don’t hit the fan, till you blick the phantom Nd hit the fam, pick the fifth or flask, I’mma spit the proof, without proving that, use a muse Nd abusing that, Nd in amusement, get views for that. But Ain’t no use of that, dismiss him, I’m used to that, Nd used to dabble, blue from that, but boot the strap, I’m gunning passed, Ten toes, for the love of the craft, Nd air crafting bars that’s, too mufucking high, can’t hear they hate from the tarmac, Y’all ain’t half bad, I’m all that, Sent from where god at, to send y’all where god at, They bought that Nd fall back, my bluff ain’t one to call tho, Lyrically click the clack for Outta/outer pockets like some cargo’s. (Hook)  Swan- a Time lapse. A by pass for calm cats that watching com cast and erger to bomb back.. Rewind dat. My nap sack beyond that the fact I'ma lax an chill no contacts Im Side tracked. My mind died than brought back so abstract that the fact is so intact. I'm jam packed. My ideas so exact I'm mad max against Jax in Kombat If we all gotta go I'll find my place far down below. Ya Xo to the heavens Let go of the lesson I'll just save my soul IV been here living out my sentence Correction independence Direction never mentioned.. Cascade the down play we down size this wide frame We up tight we relay we betta.all ready so parle this anglais what suits me my fortee is my fortress. My gorgeous mind cuz I'm God blessed I’m heaven sent like I’m Jesus #SYLA 🖕🏽 @modertor_en 🖕🏽 @moder_judge_en #eyemlikethat #sylacollab #trey12 #2021heat #202juan #trakmarkzinkk #featuredfecalmaterial #bitchimlikethat#2k21


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