Street Message

Street Message


I use to vacate from the casual Playdate with the unimaginable. People tried to stay safe cause I was bad, you know. But I will not placate these vaginals toting your rags and all. Yes, I'm calling out you fags and all fake gangsters acting diagonal. You ain't nothing without a gun. Without your buddies, you duck and run. When its you getting bloody, then nothing's fun. When you're clutching a gun, do you think thats how business and such is done? How touching that you're so dumb to wind up in prison with something stuck in your buns? No, no, no! I will not be hushing my tongue. Living in humiliation in this silly Nation, please come to the realization I'm still a G by affiliation, so have consideration for this reiteration on this occasion, cause I'm certainly not weak. I detest it how these excessive youngsters are infested deep in these streets getting shot up or arrested each week. I address this to reach the obsessed, who are caught up and seek an alternative way out laid out that pays out when the day's out before they blaze out on a day's route. But the way life plays out, you wont get off the set, you will have met with death, gasping for breath, wet with regret. Those called your homies may or may not have wept from respect and most will surely forget that you left. But you're alone 6 ft down in the depths where none of the living step. This is what you can expect. And after all that time you slept, devils will have another soul to collect. Now! Is that gangster? No, or yep?


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7 months ago


8 months ago

thats the message some need to hear top track

10 months ago

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