Mandates Vaccines (Hell No)

Mandates Vaccines (Hell No)


#moderator_en #bmbest #bmvideo #NewEraSuperStars #Stand #Up #Freedom #Is #Ours #Protect #By #Anymeans #Children #Need #Us #NewEra #WorldWide 📢🚨🌍loosing our minds, is no time. #MandatesHellNo mandates all around. where's your vaccine, Here's my uniform, I'm out.can't work at this job. still need to put food in my kids mouth. hope they don't turn off the lights at the house. nobody with a smile.joe biden sold us dreams, lies, can't stand him! the whole world turn around, is up and down.. there's people dying world wide by this covid shot. so many close their eyes. doctors cashing in. signing wrong information on death certification. forcing people to take this. are we be in a violation. what happened to our first amendment.generations fought hard to be free, I be dam! take this from you and me. to these lil kids, I'll die for yall to breathe and sleep in peace. been a long time coming. still no change. breaks my heart love ones went away. heavy on my heart. memories of brutality, presidents, democrat governments. laughing in our face.that's the reality. raising taxes, stop asking. not changing that. surrender to this agenda, New World Order make lives suffer even harder. here today, take yours out tomorrow. count the numbers, so ridiculous! every second is different. some can't even stand,see, or sit. heart racing with hypertension, still place injections, that brings new infections through the body. with no inspections. pay attention. some still not thinking. so yall can't comprehending. please don't get offending. protect your rights and defend it with your life. .


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awesome work 👍👍 da struggle is real. peace.

4 months ago

sorry fore the late reply been dealing with alot just like you A this is good news era of the ones going threw the peace instead an what's ahead A

6 months ago

Bars: Perfect 💯 Delivery: Perfect 💯 Impression: Perfect 💯

7 months ago

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