Taste "MasterClass"

Taste "MasterClass"


🆕#mymasterclass⬅️©️ My own "TASTE"! Turn the challenge up. @DaveFromDaA #LilDaveHYPE4Real @Tollz @rapfamebest @rapfametv @rapfame_ar_team @rapfame_socials @rapfame_innovation @rapfame_rewards @moderator_en #moder_judge_en @ivry @r3llik @BR33ZE01 @shanell.tokyo @iamdestiny @krisisartist @BlessedBarz @legendaryrebel_ddr @martyy_mcflyy @661vestige @LouLivy @IAMKIN6 @ymi_qc @Dolladae @Kingvigi @slaughterhouse @davecollins @deyidous @killermami @dyyoung @legendarychubbz @omegaalpha @Ijay_ @liberia @mr.clockwork @kiddNapp66 @thedean716 @TyrellGibson @slapqueen @W0keSense @walker716 @r2musik @chriskobain @uranium @NOT_eXo @JerBl33 @Phillygang @lkbxdale @CaliMak @dedman519 @neiko.von


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Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Dope 🔥

9 months ago

trill song

12 months ago

Yo @DaveFromDaA, It's time for us to take a look at 'Taste "MasterClass"'! 💥 Feelin' the bars here, we like it! Keep flowing on the beat like this, the delivery on this track is smooth. 🎶 Good choice of beat! 🎼 Good job with the audio quality, this sound clean. ✔ We loved your take on this masterclass, it's great to hear some personalised bars and a few variations in the flow. We'd love to hear a fuller track from you on this beat, it sounds great and the vocal effects on your verse are sounding great. This style clearly suits you, can't wait to hear this fleshed out into a longer track or something similar. Keep it up. Talent + hard work = great rap! And you got it!! Seriously impressed with this, now get back in the studio and keep makin' tracks! All the best, The Rap Fame Team 😎

1 year ago

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